Financial Hardship

Have your personal circumstances changed and you are about to have, or are already having, difficultly meeting your loan payments?  You may be experiencing unforeseen hardship.

Often unexpected things can happen in life, which financially you may not be able to cope with.  Loss of a job or a serious illness may cause you to struggle to meet your loan repayments.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, we encourage you to talk to us as soon as possible.  Together we can assess how this will impact your financial position and what assistance we may be able to provide to help you deal with the financial issue.

We will need to fully understand your position so it is likely we will ask you for information on your financial position (such as proof of income and expenses and evidence of your unforeseen hardship).   Once we have the information, we can carefully consider the options available to help you get your loan back on track.  While all applications are subject to approval it is our aim to make this process as quick, easy and stress-free as possible for you.  Please provide us with the requested information quickly so we can do so.

If you wish to apply for assistance, or have any questions, please contact us on either (03) 341-5075 or email