Past News

Dealer Finance Limited and the Commerce Commission

Dealer Finance Limited and the Commerce Commission have entered into a settlement agreement relating to overcharged interest on loans. This resulted from Dealer Finance not crediting part repayments made by borrowers against the unpaid balance of the loan as soon as practicable, and as a consequence, overcharging interest to the borrower.

If you purchased a vehicle through one of the car dealers listed below between April 2005 and April 2015, which was financed through Dealer Finance, you may be entitled to a refund of any overcharged interest, together with a 5% uplift payment.
Dealer Finance has recently sent notification to all affected clients by mail. If you have not received this notification please contact Dealer Finance by email on to find out whether you are entitled to a refund. Please include your full name, current and previous addresses, and if known, the car dealer you purchased your car through and the vehicle registration number.
PLEASE NOTE – NO contact is required from you:
 if you still have a current open loan(s) with Dealer Finance; or
 if you have previously repaid a loan(s) with Dealer Finance (taken out between above dates) but have a current loan(s) with Dealer Finance,
as we will be crediting your open loan or we have made or are in the process of making appropriate internal adjustments.
A copy of the settlement agreement can be found on

Dealer Finance Limited response to Media Release by Commerce Commission

Dealer Finance’s newly appointed General Manager of February 2016, Darren Musson, has responded to the media release by the Commerce Commission (Commission) by stating that Dealer Finance’s directors, management and staff have co-operated fully throughout the investigation by the Commission.

Dealer Finance is co-operative company of approximately 20 car dealership members. The company has been trading for 43 years and has a proud history of assisting thousands of customers with the purchase of their motor vehicles and motor homes. Dealer Finance is managed by professional team and prides itself in being open and transparent.

The company has invested significantly in the necessary resources required to investigate and resolve the identified issues in order to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

The investigation established that Dealer Finance had not credited part repayments made by customers against the unpaid balance as soon as practicable and as a consequence charging the borrower interest on an incorrect unpaid balance.

This was an inadvertent mis-match between Dealer Finance agreeing to let its customers pay the contracted monthly loan payment by weekly or fortnightly payments (at the request of our customers), the wording of our contract terms, our IT system and the requirements of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (which came into effect 2005).

Dealer Finance has taken a proactive approach to contacting affected customers. Letters have been sent and public notices will be issued in local newspapers during April and May to ensure that the company does everything possible to locate and refund affected customers.

These letters have been sent by mail to the customers last known address. Allowing for postage delivery we would ask that customers wait until 18th April before contacting our office. By that date they will have received one of three letters advising of their entitlement to a refund and how this has either already been paid or how it is proposed to be refunded. The only customers which should need to contact our office are where we have asked for a confirmation of an address or if the customer has not received a letter by the 18th April.

Darren Musson
General Manager